Tanya Merrett
Bullying Survivor
Female | Cardiff, Wales   United Kingdom
Bullied in middle school
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: IMpactor
3/13/14 11:39 PM
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Tanya Merrett is a professional MMA and Muay Thai fighter. She is the Current WKBF Welsh title belt holder for 61kgs and ICO British title belt holder at 62kgs.Muay Thai is not just a sport for me, its a way of life. I eat, live and breathe Muay Thai. I love the culture and history behind the beautiful 8 limb art. I fight hard and train harder, because i believe if you want something enough, it takes hard work, determination and dedication.

I grew up in Cogan and Penarth. As a child I was very shy, quiet and worked hard in school. I was always sporty in primary school. I was on the school football team and also lacrosse team which won the under 12s British championships. In secondary school I used to play hockey and enjoyed cross country running and swimming. In secondary school I was bullied really badly, both physically and mentally. I was different, and that never goes down well in a school full of sheep. My dad wanted to find a way to give me more confidence and to help look after myself. He found classes in a local hall in Penarth. My twin sister was doing Aikido and wouldn’t let me join her, so the next class on was Muay Thai and that’s how I fell into the sport.

Tanya Merrett is 30 years young and has been training Muay Thai for nine years, fighting professionally for two and a half years. She fights out of Eagles Gym in Cardiff. Her ambition is to become a world champion and take her fighting up to the very highest level, and fight the best out there. Her next scheduled fight is against Christi Brereton A Class on 6 April 2014 in Manchester


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Posted By: N2all | 3/18/14 1:33 PM
I wonder if her sister went pro in Ailkido
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