Kate Moss
Bullying Survivor
Female | Pittsburgh, PA   United States
Same ol' !#@[email protected]!$
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: katemosspittsburgh
3/08/14 11:08 AM
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Really, I feel sorry for the people who bully me. It is a testament to how bored and narrow they really are.

I used to think that the bullying was primarily computer-related, since that was one of the first contexts in which I noticed it. One of my employers hacked my home computer. I decided I did not want to pay to be harassed and now only use public computers. The bullying is worse on those. I guess that is not surprising.

I now think it is probably just an extension of bullying I've dealt with at least since elementary school. And quite possibly many of the same people.

Somebody I told about it once said, "They need to get lives!"

And I said, "They did. It's just that they got the same lives."

So I say to all the other survivors what so many have said here.

Don't let 'em get to you. They're not worth it.

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