Dustin Hazelett
Bullying Survivor
Male | West Chester, OH   United States
Target for assualts
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: Dreams
2/26/14 10:07 AM
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Dustin Tyler Hazelett is a retired American mixed martial artist who had fought as a welterweight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Welterweight Dustin Hazelett was a favorite target of his classmates’ verbal and physical assaults.

“I got bullied a lot and made fun of up until my sophomore year in high school,” Hazelett says. “I was always really small and weak for my age, especially in middle school and early high school. When I was in middle school it was the worst. I tried out for the football team to change that around, but I ended up getting my head stuffed in the toilet twice. Obviously I quit football and didn’t try to play any sports.”

Tired of the suicidal thoughts and the verbal and physical beatdowns, Hazelett, then 16, took up his cousin’s offer and started training jujitsu. The decision not only set his life down an exciting new path, it provided him with a much-needed jolt of confidence.

“I wasn’t even training for two or three weeks and everyone stopped picking on me,” Hazelett says. “They didn’t know what martial arts was -- they were afraid of it.”


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