Stephanie Fox
Someone Being Bullied
Female | Pittsburgh, PA   United States
Mom helps save girl who was bullied, posted about suicide on Facebook
Bullying Type: Emotional
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2/24/14 11:29 PM
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A quick-acting mom helped saved a middle-school girl who was bullied and posted about suicide on social media.

Brentwood councilwoman and mom of four Stephanie Fox calls herself a "creeper." She logs onto her kids' social media accounts and looks through them multiple times a day.

On Friday, one of Fox’s daughter's Facebook friends wrote several posts about committing suicide.

“My heart sank. It was an initial shock reaction,” said Fox.

Fox called Brentwood police and they went to the girl’s home, she said.

"Brentwood police responded with compassion very well and very quickly," Fox said.

The girl was saved and is now getting help. For Fox, it was the last straw. She said bullying on social media is out of control.

“We just feel responsible. Some of us as parents and some of us as borough officials want to step in and make sure our kids and children in the community feel safer,” said Fox.

On Monday, Borough President Marty Vickless named Fox the head of a special committee that will find resources, set guidelines and be a tool for parents and kids who are bullied.

“We want to raise awareness of checking social media, making sure you know what your kids are saying, what they're doing, who they're hanging out with and what their friends are doing," said Fox.

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Posted By: Moooo | 3/09/14 6:23 PM
we need more people like you in this world.xo
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