Daniel Cormier
Bullying Survivor
Male | San Jose, CA   United States
Picked on in school
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: Stability
2/24/14 11:08 PM
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Daniel Cormier is an American mixed martial artist and former Olympic wrestler. He is signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship, currently competing in the light heavyweight division. Cormier was the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Champion. As of January 17, 2014, he is #4 in official UFC heavyweight rankings and ranked the #4 heavyweight in the world by Sherdog.

It’s hard to imagine former Olympian and former Strikeforce heavyweight Daniel Cormier ever getting picked on, but that’s exactly what he endured thanks to two of his former classmates.

“I don’t know what it was and I don’t know why they wanted to fight with me,” Cormier says. “My mom was a substitute teacher, and they would make fun of her until I would say something.”

Wrestling was Cormier’s escape from bullying, but even the two-time Olympian admits it often takes more than sports to fight back. While in Chicago with Strikeforce stars Jason “Mayhem” Miller and Scott Smith, Cormier tried to help adolescents and young adults fight back as one of the spokesmen for a national anti-bullying campaign.

“Kids need to seek help from an adult,” Cormier says. “You can find guys like me that have dealt with these situations and overcome.”

“As I got older, one of the guys wanted to become my friend,” Cormier says. “He was ready to make a change, so I didn’t turn on the kid. I really just embraced him to help him go in the right direction. I forgave the guy, and he actually came to my wedding.”


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