Amy W
Someone Being Bullied
Female | Portland, OR   United States
It's a scary world for a single mom
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: arw1979User Verified
2/24/14 1:37 PM
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As a single mom getting out of an emotionally abusive relationship with a tiny baby the thought of dating freaked me out. As my son got older my confidence was coming back and I was ready to get out again. I was ready to meet new people and hopefully find love. I decided to try internet dating. I had some funny experiences and although I hadn't found lasting love I wasn't discouraged. I was smart about it. I always met people in public and did my research so in Feb 2013 when I met a guy named Kris I wasn't worried. He was going to school to be a paramedic and worked for a local fire dept. He too was a single parent. He completed 2 tours of duty with the army in the middle east and was active with the air force. How could a guy like that be anything to worry about? The relationship progressed and I really liked him. We agreed to be exclusive and all was great until....he went out of town with his ex wife"for the kids sake", he ditched me on the 4th of July and I starting to have an issue with how he treated my son when he'd come over. So I decided to end it and I did. That was the end if that or so I thought. Months later I met someone new and Kris hadn't contacted me for some time. Then be began texting me and asking to see me. I was hesitant to tell him much about my new guy but ultimately explained I'd met someone and declined any offer to hang out. One Sunday morning I received a text with a photo of him without a shirt so I got tough with him. I responded telling him not to contact me again. I mailed him a book he'd left at my house and wanted nothing more to do with him. A few days later my nightmare began. I received a call at my office by a gentleman saying he saw me on a website called my ex where I was posted along with naked photos and personal information. I pulled up the website and to my horror there it was. Although since no naked photos had ever been taken or given to Kris the photos were not me. The page was 2 headshots of me stolen from my Facebook and 3 nude photos not showing the persons face that again were NOT me. Below was a hatred filled paragraph calling me a slut and attacking my character. I can't describe the feelings that overcame me but mainly I was scared. If someone is sick enough to do this what else will they do and any sicko looking at this website can just Google my name and find out where I live, work, etc. I confronted him and eventually he admitted to it. He felt rejected. I saved some of his messages where he admitted to it. Unfortunately it is impossible to get the pics and stuff removed once they're posted. The website is from another country and they blackmail people telling them for $500 they will remove it then take your money put the page remains there to humillate you . He has continued his assault on my character through more posts even adding my personal phone number. Its been 5 months and despite changing my last name I cannot hide what has been done. He continues to be a cyber bully. What can be done with these people?

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Posted By: lilWings | 2/25/14 10:32 AM
It is so scary that people are allowed to this on the internet and nobody will help you
Posted By: JamieBroUser Verified | 3/04/14 10:04 PM
I'm so sorry what you have been thru. It makes my stomach sick thinking about it. My bully is on probation... I also have a protection order which she violated and lied to the police. These CRAZY people are creatures of habit. They will continue to torture you and they thrive on your weakness. That is how they feel they control you. Stay strong... Whatever they post can come back on them. They leave a thumb print behind... When they post this information online and make you the victim they also tie themselves to's more embarrassing to be the POSTER than the POSTED. Take care doll and stay strong! :-)
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