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Bullying Survivor
Female | Napa, CA   United States
Its okay.
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
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2/16/14 10:09 PM
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In sixth grade I'd walk home using the back streets, because it was easier and faster to get home, and there'd always be this girl who would bother me. Her name was Sophia. I was knew to the school and it didn't take long for me to get on her nerves. I'm not sure what I did to get her to hate me so much and so fast but somehow i managed to, even though i was the quietest kid in school and never talked to her before. Anyways, i'd walk home and she'd be by my side. She would throw rocks at me and pull my hair, she would tell me how ugly i am. Even in school when i would pass her she would call me the B word. It went from her being verbally bullying, to physical and eventually to cyber bullying. It got so bad to where her and her friends were going to jump me. Luckily the school year ended, but that didn't stop her from hurting me. She would see me in town or are the park and she would do her best to hurt me and make me feel worthless. It worked. Finally my family and I moved, i never told my brother and sisters, or even my parents that i was getting bullied. I didn't think they'd care. I've been getting bullied ever since.. suicide is looking better every day.

Jesus, I need help.

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Posted By: lilWings | 2/25/14 10:35 AM
Are you still getting bullied after you moved?
Posted By: Melody | 10/18/15 11:35 PM
I'm so sorry you went through that garbage. I Wonder what happened to that girl? And I hope you're ok? hugs..
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