Keith Watson
Someone Being Bullied
Male | Dartmouth, NS   Canada
N.S. boy bullied over prosthetic eye says school not doing enough
Bullying Type: Emotional
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2/13/14 1:13 AM
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A 12-year-old Nova Scotia boy who lost an eye to cancer says he’s being bullied in class and the school is not doing enough to help him.

Keith Watson, a Dartmouth, N.S., student, has had a prosthetic eye for most of his life after being diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a type of eye tumour. He’s attended three different schools and says he’s often bullied because of his prosthesis.

“They’ve been calling me ‘one-eye’ and making fun of my disability,” he told CTV Atlantic.

Keith’s mother, Kathryn Watson, said other students have been cruel to her son.

“He was teased so bad that a little boy had told my son that he was going to pop out his good eye and make him a matching set,” she said.

“You hear of all these cases of children that have been bullied so long, some of them leave school and never come back,” she said. “Some of them hurt themselves, some of them kill themselves. I don’t want that happening to my children.”

Halifax Regional School Board officials said they have spoken to all of the students involved in the case, and there have been “consequences.”

But they won’t tell Watson what those consequences are.

“We’re not legally allowed to tell them that,” said school board spokesperson Doug Hadley.

Watson said the response “makes me very mad.”

Keith said it also makes him upset, even as he tries to explain his condition to his classmates.

But he said that although many of them seem understanding of his situation at first, “the next day, (I’m) picked on.”

The school board said it will be following up with Keith’s school to see if anything more can be done.

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