Anne-Marie Ellement
Someone Being Bullied
Female | Bournemouth, England   United Kingdom
Soldiers bullied female military policewoman after rape allegations
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
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2/06/14 1:28 AM
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Friends of a military policewoman found hanged at her barracks "turned on her" and labelled her "the girl who cried rape" after she alleged she had been attacked by fellow soldiers, an inquest heard.

Cpl Anne-Marie Ellement was so badly bullied after making rape allegations against two comrades she was scared to leave her room, her mother told the hearing.

Her family said she was “absolutely devastated" by the decision of military investigators not to prosecute the two soldiers who she claimed had attacked her after a drunken night out in Germany in 2009.

The 30-year-old from Bournemouth was found two years later hanging from a fire escape at her camp in Bulford Barracks, Wiltshire, having written "I'm sorry" in lipstick on her mirror.

The inquest in Salisbury is a fresh investigation into the death after her family argued an earlier hearing failed to look at all the circumstances around her death.

The first inquest, which delivered a suicide verdict, heard no evidence from her family or about the rape allegations.

Cpl Ellement told her eldest sister, Sharon Hardy, that she had been raped and was being bullied when she returned to Britain on compassionate leave in December 2009.

Mrs Hardy told the inquest: “She was devastated. She looked worn out. She had lost weight; she just looked awful.

“She was dreading going back to Germany. I just kept saying to her 'don't worry' because in Anne-Marie's mind she was absolutely convinced these soldiers would be charged.

"I said 'don't worry, once the police investigate it they will be charged'."

Mrs Hardy said her sister was bullied by the women she lived with in the barracks in Germany when she returned. One of the women was the girlfriend of one of the soldiers she had accused of rape.

Mrs Hardy said: "The girls turned on her. She had lost her support network.

"She said to me her friends had turned on her. She told me the girls were running up and down the block screaming: 'There is the girl who cried rape.'

"They were shouting abuse and banging on the door."

Mrs Hardy said her sister was "devastated" when the Army dropped her rape complaint without bringing charges against the men.

She said: "Anne-Marie was 110 per cent sure of what had happened to her. She couldn't believe it, that with her being in the police force they were not going to deal with it.

Mrs Hardy added: "She said she couldn't believe people like that could get away with it. They were supposed to uphold the law.

"What they had done is wrong and she was not happy. She wanted justice."

The inquest heard Cpl Ellement also struggled with her new role as acting sergeant and having to work 80 to 90 hours a week. Friends also said she was seen as unlucky in love.

Nicholas Rhineburg, the senior coroner holding the new inquest, said it would look at the effect of the alleged rape and the support given to Cpl Ellement, as well as whether she was bullied or overworked.

He ordered that the soldiers accused of rape must only be named as Soldier A and Soldier B.

The hearing continues.

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