"Dear Bully" letter
Male | Byesville, OH   United States
Dear Craig,
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: AnonymousSGTC
2/05/14 2:57 AM
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Dear Craig, Your probably wondering why I'm writing to you well I'll tell you why. You've been bullying me since third grade and we are now in seventh, that's sad. You spent four years bullying a girl who did nothing to you. You have physically and emotionally hurt me. You don't understand how much pain you bring to me. I have scars and burn marks, even some wounds from what you do to me. You've punched me, pinched me, pushed me, smacked me, slapped me, kicked me, tripped me, and tackled me. How do you feel about wasting most of your time bullying someone who has never said a word to you or even touched you? I hope your happy now after abusing someone and hurting them so much that they start to hurt themselves as well. I used to be happy, I used to be outgoing, until you came along and ruined my childhood. You wanna know when's the last time I ACTUALLY smiled? I don't remember because it's been a long time. I believe that you only bully me because your insecure about yourself and you like the pain of others to relieve your feelings. Well, I think you get what I mean and won't stop bullying until you break or kill someone. So I hope you understand how I feel and goodbye! ~Kaitlyn Johnson

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