Christopher Cripe
Someone Being Bullied
Male | Sherman, TX   United States
Alleged bullying on Sherman ISD school bus caught on video
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
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1/30/14 10:41 AM
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The fight lasts for just 20 seconds, but those seconds have tormented father Shannon Cripe since the September attack on his 13-year-old son Christopher in a stopped school bus.

"You can't watch the video without getting sick to your stomach. You can't hear the cries without wanting to cry yourself," Cripe said.

Cripe says his son is often a target of bullies, but on this day, the blows to his self-esteem became physical.

"Just makes you feel like you gotta do something to put a stop to it," Cripe said.

Cripe says he looked to the district for help, contacting the Piner Middle School principal, district Director of Transportation Randy Reddell and Superintendent Al Hambrick.

Hambrick says the alleged bully is in disciplinary alternative placement and contends the district does not have a bullying problem.

"I'm not aware that we have a bullying problem where we have lots of students being bullied in the Sherman ISD. Would there be situations where we would have a child that makes a bad choice saying something that's inappropriate to another student? That may have happened," Hambrick said.

But a student on the bus during the attack says bullying is a problem.

"It happens all the time. On my bus, it's happened three or four times and the bus driver we have now does nothing about it," the student said.

Just a week ago, Cripe says another attack on the bus sent Christopher to the emergency room.

"One of the children walked by him, tapped him on the shoulder, he said you know don't touch me. The kid then took the pencil out of his hand. My son looked at him, asked to give it back, held his hand out and he stabbed him in the hand with a pencil," Cripe said.

Cripe felt hopeless, which is why he made this video public on YouTube.

One fellow Sherman dad sympathizes.

"We send our kids to school to get an education, not to go in there and get beat up and bullied," the dad said.

Cripe says he's met with Sherman ISD officials on a dozen occassions, but his son is not being helped, as he continues to fear the worst.

"It's gotten worse every time and it can only get so bad before I lose my son," Cripe said.

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