Glen Dixon
Bullying Survivor
Male | Toronto, ON   Canada
Bullied for his sexuality
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: PowerHour
1/28/14 10:22 AM
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Glenn Dixon defines himself as a true design junkie. In 1995, Glenn teamed up with his brother David Dixon to form and develop David Dixon Inc, an internationally successful Canadian clothing design firm. Glenn's fashion profile and expertise facilitated a natural evolution into interior design work, his true passion. Established in 2000 and owned and operated by Glenn Dixon and Margie Doyle White (also of Take This House and Sell It!), Dixon Doyle Design has quickly grown into a well-known firm, specializing in residential design and decorating. The philosophy of the organization is to assist clients in creating a space that reflects not only their personal taste, but also incorporates beauty, function and form, resulting in a unique and utterly elegant home.Glenn has garnered media acclaim in print and television. His work has been profiled in several magazines in Canada and the U.S and he is one of the interior design stars on W Network's Take This House and Sell It!.

"One day I was walking down the hall minding my own business and one of these boys that was walking behind me and body checked me while I was carrying a bunch of books and knocked me down. He called me a F*g and just left me lying there in the hallway with my books and papers everywhere. You are trying to get lost in a mess of people and to be singled out that way is terrible." Glen took the time to make a personal statement for the It gets better Project so boys out there will understand that he knows what it is like to be bullied but you have to push through because it absolutely gets better and you will be okay one day.

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Posted By: Woven | 1/29/14 12:38 PM
What he experienced should be considered a hate crime because the only reason he was push is because he was gay and until we respect the gay community this will continue to kids today
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