Someone Being Bullied
Female | Sacramento, CA   United States
Sexual Harassment - a victimization of a victim!
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
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1/26/14 6:29 AM
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This last summer I under went an unbelievably hard, violating and disgusting sexual harassment situation.

This is not a simple story where a boss or co-worker said a few uncomfortable things to employee, my boss perpetrated several physical assaults. On two occasions he tried to rape me. Twice.

I decided to hire a lawyer in August and immediately the lawyer sent notification of the upcoming complaint to my employer. Since that time the retaliation on me has been blatant and pure evil. The company, not surprisingly, decided to back their dog. At what cost? My Comfort, my life, my Rights not to be violated as a human being!

Since filing this report with them they have forced me out of the company blatantly so I have now lost a career that I loved and spent the last 10 years cultivating and growing in. But it's not even about the money. It's about the ongoing effects this does to me for the rest of my life. Not to mention my trial hasn't even begun yet, my court case hasn't even been filed yet and the company is continuing to help this person abuse me mentally and emotionally at this point.

I'm about to embark on a 2 to 3 year fight, not a fight over money, a fight over labeling this person for what he is: a predator. There's been times already that I haven't been strong enough to fight this fight and I'm scared and worried every day that I won't make it through this. But I have to, not for myself, for the other women who've already gone through this from this predator and for the ones that will be victims in the future if he doesn't get in trouble. This fight is no longer about me anymore. It can't be because I've lost the will to fight for myself... The only way I can get through this is to tell myself it's to save someone else.

If I do get a monetary award my plan is to use it to create an outreach program, a website of some kind in terms of online care that helps people no matter what level of sexual or emotional abuse they've suffered. Having almost lost my battle recently with depression I realize that there's no support group for somebody in my situation, there's no outreach for somebody who "almost got raped" and list everything due to it. And though I know that there are suicide hotline's all over the place, sometimes when you're in a situation like this lasting one where I almost took my life what you're not going to do is call a phone number (maybe because I have social anxiety...I don't know if everyone feels like this - yet) I was desperately searching online for help even online chat, something, somebody to talk to but there's nothing. I desperately need to change that, again not for myself but for the others...

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Posted By: Woven | 1/29/14 12:29 PM
Just like there is attempted murder and robbery there should be attempted rape so people can be arrested for even trying the act. I really hope you stay strong and dont ever give up!
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