Garyn Strong
Someone Being Bullied
Male | Galliano, LA   United States
Parents: Bullying led to son's suicide
Bullying Type: Emotional
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1/24/14 12:01 PM
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The Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office is investigating the Friday death of Galliano teenager Garyn Strong, 15, who apparently took his own life.

His parents, Thad and Maureen Strong, said bullies have tormented their son for the past four years.

“They took away my buddy, my fishing partner, my hunting partner, my son,” said Thad Strong.

“The bullying needs to stop,” said Maureen Strong. “It’s an epidemic that’s not just local or national, it’s worldwide.”

Thad said he found Garyn’s lifeless body in the family kitchen Friday night.

“I found him hanging and I cut him down. I didn’t know what to do.”

Maureen said Garyn opened up about the bullying just six months ago. She said the bullies said hateful and cruel things to her son.

“There were gay slurs and they were calling him gay names and he would say if I would be gay, he said I don’t care, but he didn’t approve of them calling him something that he wasn’t. They would call him fat.”

The Strongs say they brought the bullying to the attention of officials at South Lafourche High School, where their son was a student. School officials were not available to comment Monday because of the Martin Luther King holiday.

“This boy kept saying I’m going to beat you down, I’m going to beat you down,” said Thad Strong. “He couldn’t go no where. He couldn’t do nothing.”

The Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office confirms it is conducting an investigation into the bullying allegations.

The Strongs say those who bullied their son need to be stopped.

“Garyn’s gone,” said Maureen Strong. “They are going to go on to somebody else, and we don’t want that to happen.”

The Strongs say they would like to set up a foundation in Garyn’s name to teach parents and young people about the consequences of bullying.

“If their grades start dropping quick and they just keep on saying I hate school, I hate school, I hate school, there’s something going wrong in that school,” said Thad Strong.

“One word that’s inappropriate can crush somebody’s soul,” said Maureen Strong.

Louisiana has an anti-bullying law, which took effect a year ago. The law defines bullying as repeated behavior of obscene gestures, name-calling, taunting, spreading malicious rumors, purposeful shunning, harassing electronic communication, damaging property or physical harm.

The law requires the school’s principal to initiate a formal investigation into a bullying accusation within 24 hours of the report. The principal must complete the investigation within 10 days.

Punishments generally range from a loss of school privileges to expulsion, though the state law allows the principal to report a student to local law enforcement if necessary.

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Posted By: shon1972 | 2/11/14 12:08 AM
Help educate me! I read the article in the local paper and it sounded as if the school representative was "back tracking" With the out cry over not just student bullying this young man, but also a teacher, leads me to wonder how safe are the next generation in Lafourche schools! With schools that ignore and do not investigate these situations and then turn and attempt to, vilify the victim, reminds me of another era of our history. One that is also probably ignored in the classroom of today. Shame on the school district for not doing their job! Shame on the teacher, they know who they who they are, and the bullie(s) that ended such a young sweet life. He held the promise and you grabbed a gun and pulled the trigger. SHAME SHAME ON YOU LAFOURCHE!!!!!!!
Posted By: stephenieUser Verified | 8/16/14 1:57 PM
Garyn is my brother and i cant explain what our family and his close friends have been going through since his tragedy. We are not at peace and no justice has been served to the people who tore down his spirit. He was an amazing person, a giving person and always wiling to lend a hand whenever someone was in need. He was always happy , outgoing and warm. Everyone in the community loved him. WE LOVE HIM VERY MUCH!!! and someone's cruel words and threats took him away from us, Now all we have are memories and pictures when we should have him. Instead of seeing him I have to go to his grave to visit. You tell me how that is fair. Those children and teachers should be ashamed of their selves and punished to the fullest extent. I relive that night when I got the phone call from my dad telling me he took his life every day. I look for him every time we go to dad and mom's house I expect him to run out and give me a big hug and steal wesley's hat and run around the yard with it. I want hears his voice again, and look him in the eyes and tell him I love him but I cant because someone took that from me. While the kids and teachers are celebrating or just spending time with there family we are missing someone in ours. It would be nice if one of them and the heart to step up and say i'm sorry for everything it was partially my fault but i know they wont. Karma works like this what comes around goes around. Just remember that and what you give is what you get.
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