"Dear Bully" letter
Female | Toronto, ON   Canada
Miranda - I never forgot
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: isurvivedit
1/23/14 9:20 PM
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I don't know why you walked around high school like you owned the place. Although I barely knew you I could tell that you were dead inside. Each time you publicly singled me out for no reason - I remembered. Each time I saw you and I tried to be nice to avoid confrontation - you didn't deserve that. It's been 6 years and your harassment has made an impact on my life. I am stronger now but I haven't forgotten the torment you put me through for 4 years.

Remember when you pushed me into a locker, face first, because I wore the same shirt as you? I went home and burned it because I didn't feel "cool" enough to even be near it. You ruined my teenage years. And I'm here to say that I am so much better.

I survived your bull**** .

Recently I actually searched you on Facebook. Word of mouth says you're addicted to prescription medication and your child was taken away by CAS. Im aware your current boyfriend is in jail. Part of me wants to laugh and say it's because of karma. But really - I feel so bad for you. The way you treated everyone, you must have never had a good life. And now you're in too much trouble to get out of.

Although you ruined my life as a teenager, I grew stronger and moved passed it. Unfortunately you just dug yourself deeper.

I really, really hope you find some sort of peace.

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