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As a CHILD, I was teased and bullied but I SURVIVED, so can you!!
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
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1/23/14 4:04 PM
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Looking at me now as an adult, full of poise and eloquence, who would have guessed that I once was a shy, loner or an easy target for others to pick on while growing up? Now I am a confident man that speaks passionately about my efforts to help children, who may be experiencing the same problems growing up as I once did. As a child, I was teased and bullied because of my big ears and still remember how the bullying made me feel alone, unwanted, and insecure. My childhood was not perfect in any way, shape or form, so when I was eighteen, I had surgery in my ears and it was at that turning point in my life that I decided to follow my own dreams to develop confidence without being bothered by what people said.

I changed a bad experience from my past into something positive and now, I am the author of two award-winning children’s books featuring my character Johnny Big-Ears. In Johnny Big-Ears, the Feel Good Friend, and Johnny Big-Ears Meets His New Neighbor Suzy. I used my own childhood experiences to teach children how to deal with teasing and bullying, and how to accept others and love themselves more. I decided to combine my love for writing and love of children. I came up with the Johnny Big-Ear's character based on my life. The special names of the rest of the characters are simply nicknames. These names are based on kids' unique attributes that make them all stand out and quite special. I am here to tell you all that as long as you walk confident in your own shoes and ignore the bullies, you will survive. Sticks and stones can hurt your bones but don't let words bring you down because in the end, you will come out a winner. As a child, I thought, I was alone and no one would care for me but overtime I became stronger and learned to accept myself no matter what. No one can take away your star, your reason to live unless you, yourself give up. Don't let the bullies win, it's okay to speak up, fight to defend yourself if you need to and stand up to the bullies! Bullies cannot pick on you unless you let them. It's time you learn to speak up and say, stop!

Bullies are not born; they are made from what they see happening in their environment. If parents teach their kids tolerance and love for themselves no matter who they are or how they look, they will be more secure and happier kids who won't want to tease others. You put out to others what you feel inside and if kids are brought up in a hostile environment, you can't expect them to be perfect angels.

‘Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and allowed to live in peace and harmony. We all need to be assured and told that no matter who we are or how we look; we are all special and loved. Being different should not be something to be ashamed about but something that you should welcome and make you feel happy about because through your own unique appearance, you stand out from everyone else in the world. So if you are short, tall, fat, gay, or straight, thin or wear glasses, don't ever stop dreaming and know that you will survive. I been beaten up, called sissy, faget, and queer but in the end, I was who won! If I can survive, so can you. Talk to others and find a friend, there are so many places that can help you now and people like myself, willing to listen. Good luck to you all and keep on living and don't let bullies win! LIVE YOUR LIFE and don't let anyone try to bring you down. Never think about taking your life away, your life is too precious and people do love you and would miss you.

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Posted By: EvaMcHenryUser Verified | 1/28/14 2:35 PM
Your story is truly inspiring John Paul. No child should ever feel like they have nobody to talk to and nothing to live for or be afraid to go to school. It is my firm belief that children who bully at school are copying behavior that they see at home. We, as parents, must to teach our children to be kind, tolerant, and respectful of others who may appear different than us. Thank you for sharing your story. We love you so much!
Posted By: Woven | 1/29/14 12:30 PM
That is really really cool! You must be very proud of your accomplishment
Posted By: JOHNPAUL11User Verified | 6/02/14 1:48 AM
Check out my slide show of pictures that shows me as a child, struggles and what got me to survive...
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