Tadarius Thomas
Bullying Survivor
Male | Detroit, MI   United States
Bullied most of his youth
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: Prestige
1/22/14 11:31 PM
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Born in Detroit, Tadarius Thomas comes from a background very similar to other men from the Motor City, but unlike many he found his way out of the poverty-stricken neighborhood where he was bullied most of his youth.

That bullying led Thomas first to amateur wrestling where he had to travel out of Detroit, since his high school did not have wrestling available, to the Highland Park suburb in order learn.

Wrestling led Thomas to to the world of Mixed Martial Arts and to the city of Montreal where he trained and eventually had his first fight at the age of only 17. Thomas, who like to say he is the only man in wrestling who can fight on his feet or upside down, is well versed in many martial arts including Brazilian jui jitsu, boxing, and submission grappling, but it is the African-Brazilian martial art called Capoeira that he claims as his favorite. It is a style that incorporates dancing, gymnastics, and a variety of kicks from any position and is the reason Tadarius says he is just as comfortable fighting up side down as he is standing on his feet.

Looking for further challenge, Thomas left MMA to pursue a career in boxing where he claimed two Eastern Michigan golden glove championship and was named Michigan's 2005 outstanding boxer of the year with a record of 36-5-1 and 20 consecutive knockouts . Boxing led to professional wrestling and to Truth Martini's House of Truth school, but following his training, Thomas says he left the HoT because of Martini's corrupt intentions. Now here in Ring of Honor, Thomas look to have the same successes in pro wrestling that his natural athletic gifts and hard work have brought him in the world of MMA & boxing...


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Posted By: HeartOGold | 1/23/14 2:11 PM
I love to read about fighters that came from a bullying background and worked their way to the top with the motivation from the bullies. Very powerful, moving, and inspirational.
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