Kaytee Mansfield
Bullying Survivor
Female | Omaha, NE   United States
Ugly duckling turned swan
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Twitter @ModelKayteeAnna

Posted By: KayteeAnna
1/14/14 1:31 PM
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Kaytee Mansfield, or as you might know her, Kaytee Anna, has always been different there is no question about that one. But she hasnt always been this rambunctious girl who is PROUD to flaunt her "oddities" as she might call them. Kaytee is a survivor of being bullied by her school mates all throughout middle school and high school, but more importantly she is a survivor of bullying from her own family. She was physically, mentally and sexually abused by her step father starting when she was a mere 6 years old. She in turn was taken out of the familys custody due to this and was placed into foster care under the states custody. She was in and out of foster homes and group homes on again and off again for the next 10+ years. In doing so, it caused a lot of trauma on her due to kids always making fun of her in school from the small things like how "her pants are flooding... everyone better watch out Noah's coming back for the flood thats going on over here!" ... she remembers they would tease her in gym class when her socks had a hole in them by calling her the 'holy ghost'. All the rejection by her peers as well as the lack of love and support from her mother and step father really didnt make growing up easy for her. She ended up being able to go back into her mothers custody in the 5th grade under the circumstances that her step father was not allowed to come into contact with her and her mother would loose custody again if caught seeing the man. Shortly after she was back into her mothers custody, her mother went behind the states back and her step father came back into the house and with a vengence. He would make her do the most outlandish things and if she didnt cooperate, the punishments were brutally painful. She remembers times in middle school when she would do something so miniscule as sit on the couch when the couches are 'for adults only' and he would ground her to her room, with no electricity, nothing to look at or do, just a pen and paper and a toddlers training potty. She would have to write sentences such as 'i will not sit in the chair in the living room ever again and if i do i will write this again 5,000 times' and he would make her write that literally 5,000 times. If she needed to go to the bathroom, regardless of if it was #1 or #2, she must use the child training potty in the room, she was not allowed toilet paper, and the toilet must stay in the room (with no lid mind you, so she would have to sit in a room of bacteria fumes from feces) He would punish her by dumping hotsauce in her mouth and not allow her to drink or eat anything for hours after... to deal with the suffering, when she would be showering he would go and turn off the hot water heater right after she got in, so she would have to shower in an ice bath or else go to school smelling like the feces she was forced to sit in... he would phsically abuse her as well as verbally her whole life too. Her younger sister recollects her step dad picking Kaytee up by her hair and throwing her into the wall, he has broken her fingers before and spit in her face purposely. To make matters worse, the man is a master manipulator so he would somehow get her mother on his side, even when she would watch the whole thing happen right in front of her with her two younger daughters right there crying from fear of their own father. These kind of behaviors that she was faced with caused her to isolate herself from most people all of her life, as well as having very low self confidence, wish didnt help with the bullying at school. She would get called 'nubs' because one of her thumbs got crushed in a daycare accident as a child shattered her growth plate. She never had supportive parents, rarely got told 'good job' or 'were proud of you' or 'i love you'... so she would seek acceptance in different ways from her peers and sometimes by acting out in self destructive behaviors. In high school Kaytee had her run in with alcohol and drugs and she ended up going to a Inpatient rehab facitity (Nova Theraputic Community, Omaha, NE) and was there a year and while she was there they discovered her parents were daily drug users, which caused Kaytee to again be put back into the states custody and into foster care. She got transferred again to a new school and felt like a total outcast. She was attending the richest school in the metro, and she was definately not fitting the part. The fear of rejection of her peers caused Kaytee to end up eating lunch in the bathroom stall crosslegged and in silence. When she turned 18 she was dropped out of the states custody and was forced back to her mothers house with the same cruel man who had raped, beaten, and abused her so painfully over the years. She was miserable and constantly trying to find a way out of the house or somewhere to move to but it was hard being so young and with no car and no way to afford all of the costs of living alone somewhere by herself at such a young age.Over the years she had roommates, lived with a fiancee for a 2 year period, and then eventually got her own place, but she felt stuck. She had to be around the man that traumatized her everytime she wanted to see her sisters or her mother and he would do things to make sure she is miserable nearly everyday. She knew she needed to get away from the negative triggers and start fresh with a clear mind and DO SOMETHING WITH HER LIFE. Something amazing. She on a whim moved to Orange county, California in 2009 and had no idea what she was getting her hands on. She didnt have a job or a house lined up and she didnt care, she just wanted away from the horrible influences that were holding her back. She ended up starting a commercial cleaning company with a friend and was doing that for a few years out in Orange County until she met the girl that essentially changed her life. Courtney and Aaron Miller were out at club 888 (now called Club Ten) and Kaytee ended up chatting with the couple and exchanged phone numbers and when she went on Courtneys facebook she noticed she was into the modeling industry. Kaytee started exploring the industry and adding photographers on facebook to check out their work and right away one of them asked Kaytee if she would like to shoot. She didnt know the first thing about modeling but she agreed and played it off like she had done it a few times in the past, and little did she know, this was going to show her what her true calling in life was and give her the guidance to move forward with success. She shortly after made a fan page, and was touching the lives of 'fans' daily with her words of encouragement she was constantly posting online. Soon there after is when her destiny then dawned upon her. She wants to share her story with the world and give hope to other victims of abuse that they too can get away from the negative influences in life, and they can be ANYTHING they want to be despite their horrible past experiences. She now has over 270,000 fans on her facebook fan page since she started it Jan2012 and she has never been more happy. She quotes "use your smile to change this world. dont let this world change your smile"

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Name: Kaytee Mansfield
Age: 32
Twitter: Twitter @ModelKayteeAnna
Country: United States
Location: Omaha, NE
Gender: Female
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Maiden Name: Kaytee Mansfield
Relationship Status: Single
Profession: Entertainment
Education level: Some college
University: N/A
Ethnicity: White or Caucasian
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5 ft 10 in
Weight: 118
Tattoos: Yes

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