Michael Kors
Bullying Survivor
Male | New York, NY   United States
Bullied for his love of fashion
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Experienced
1/12/14 10:27 PM
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Michael Kors used to bullied over his love of fashion. The renowned designer admits he was picked on while he was at school because he would rather have gone shopping than played sports. Talking on a video created for the It Gets Better Project - a new initiative helping youths deal with bullying and sexuality - he said: "I heard every name called to me, and you know what, it wasn't fun. Pansy, fag, fruit - name it, I heard it. I wasn't the kid on the baseball team. I wasn't the kid on the football team. I sat sketching in my room...and my idea of a fun afternoon was shopping. And you know what? You feel different; you don't fit in." He also said many high-profile creative people were targeted because they didn't fit in. He said: "It's hard to understand that when you're 11 years old and being kicked down the stairs at school. This is not just about gay kids, it's about all kids who aren't status quo." Michael has became a household name after joining the judging panel of 'Project Runway' alongside supermodel Heidi Klum but has previously admitted he initially doubted the show would be a success. He added: "Reality show? Fashion on television? It had never worked. I thought that only fashionista freaks, gays and men wanting to see Heidi Klum in a short dress would watch it. "But the reach of that show is immense. One minute I'm standing in the men's room next to Marc Anthony telling me how much he loves the show and the next I'm invited to make a guest appearance on 'Gossip Girl'."


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Posted By: WooChild | 1/13/14 11:52 AM
He turned his passion into a career! Guess what bullies HE WON!
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