Dan Bucatinsky
Bullying Survivor
Male | Los Angeles, CA   United States
Bullied for being a homosexual
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: Care2U
1/09/14 11:25 PM
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Dan Bucatinsky is an American actor, writer and producer, best known for his role as James Novak in the Shonda Rhimes drama series Scandal, for which he won Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series in 2013.

"I had people who bullied me, and I had someone who would push me and call me an expletive homosexual," Bucatinsky says. "I got called a lot of names. I got my face shoved in the snow, and my dad would try to get me to go out and fight my bully and I wouldn't."

Bucatinsky says he made a vow: "I remember promising myself that if there wasn't something at the other side of this, that if I wound up being gay at 18 and there wasn't something better, I would kill myself," he says.

"I didn't want to die and I wasn't suicidal, but I thought to myself, 'There's got to be… There has to be… This is so unjust,'' he says. "And it became a motivator."

Today, Bucatinsky has a husband and two children, and he embraces who he is. "That's the biggest turnaround," he says. "Yeah, I'm exactly what you called me. I'm a homosexual and I was in 10th grade and you called it exactly right."


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Posted By: WooChild | 1/13/14 11:53 AM
I dont like when fathers push their sons unto fighting and tell them its something that you have to do. No boy should ever HAVE to fight
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