Tony Sun
Bullying Survivor
Male | China, Republic of (Taiwan)   China, Republic of (Taiwan)
Bullied for not having a father
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: YourCalling
1/06/14 10:28 PM
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Tony Sun is a Taiwanese actor, singer and host. Tony is the leader of Taiwanese group 5566.Tony Sun has gained much solo experience by releasing several well-received albums in the Taiwanese dialect in the 1990s; he even gained the title of the "Taiwanese little champion". However, his popularity waned when he had to fulfill his mandatory military service. Sun was signed under Jungiery since his earlier days; this was how he used his connection with the company to secure the second part of his career.

During Sun’s childhood he talked about how he was always teased by other kids for not having a father. Therefore, he always got in to physical fights with other kids and got into trouble all the time, so his mom and grandparents were always being called to the school.That rage charged him to become the huge star he is today because he refused to become a victim.

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Name: Tony Sun
Age: 43
Country: China, Republic of (Taiwan)
Location: N/A
Gender: Male
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Profession: Other
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Tattoos: No

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