Vincent Law
Bullying Survivor
Female | Calgary, AB   Canada
Racially bullied
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Prominence
1/02/14 11:49 PM
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Vincent Law grew up in Hong Kong and moved to Canada at the age of 12 when China regained control over the city from the British. His first few years in Canada were a struggle while Vincent worked on learning the English language. And although Canada prides itself in being a multi-cultural nation, celebrating our patchwork of cultures from around the world, Vincent was greeted daily with taunts and slurs. 'FOB' (short for Fresh Of The Boat) was a popular word Vincent grew up hearing. Playground humiliations included kids pulling down his pants, and it didn't end there. He remembers at one point having a random adult man slap him across the face, while telling him to 'go back to his country.'

Today Vincent is currently attending University, working on attaining his PhD in Medical Science. His lab research is based mainly around cancer studies. He also runs a very successful fashion blog and is a TV host for a show called Alberta Report for Fairchild Television (which is aired nationally). He says the things he has been through have made him stronger and give him a wider range of appreciation.

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Name: Vincent Law
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Country: Canada
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