Nathan Phelps
Bullying Survivor
Male | Calgary, AB   Canada
Bullied by his father
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: INvolved
1/01/14 10:47 PM
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Nathan Phelps was raised in one of America's most notorious extremist church families. His father Fred Phelps runs the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas, which has been in the spotlight throughout the years for their extreme hate against homosexuals. Nate grew up physically, emotionally and mentally bullied every single day by his father, in the name of God. The word 'EVIL' was something his father always called him, that still sticks with him to this day. He was forced to follow his fathers 'will' until his 18th birthday when he managed to escape the daily torment.

Today Nathan is an author, speaker on religion and child abuse, and an LGBT advocate. He is also the Executive Director for the Center For Inquiry. He has literally dedicated his life to spreading his message to others who have faced abuse and has become a true inspiration and believer in that what you face in your childhood does not have to define you. He shows that you can truly take the negative and create your own positive. Today his family, including his siblings still protest to the extreme against gays and the church has become famous for their slogan 'God Hates Fags'. Despite not having contact with his family anymore, Nathan has created his own and hopes to continue spreading his message.

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Name: Nathan Phelps
Age: 63
Country: Canada
Location: Calgary, AB
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