Sterling Scott
Bullying Survivor
Male | Edmonton, AB   Canada
Bullied for his darker skin
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: INvolved
1/01/14 10:39 PM
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Sterling Scott is a full time Comedian who has dedicated his life to making others laugh. But long before he became a headlining comic he was faced with the prejudice of being 'JUST BLACK.' Growing up he was made fun of for having darker skin than his friends and even own family. And while on the road to becoming a full time comic he was looked down on time and time again for being black. 'Black guys are just naturally funny' he was told over and over. And between not being able to do shows in certain towns because it 'upset' the locals, to not being able to perform on a bill if another black comic was already on that night, Sterling fought to show that he was more than just black...he was actually a funny comedian and should be taken seriously.

Since starting his career, Sterling has performed twice at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, made it VERY far on Canada's Next Top Comic and even performed for troops in Kuwait and Iraq.

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