Meghan Calavan
Someone Being Bullied
Female | Anacortes, WA   United States
Bikini barista stand owner regrets bullying comments
Bullying Type: Emotional
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12/30/13 11:06 PM
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Police say a possible case of cyber-bullying has now blown up into what could be a felony investigation.

The case involves "Sips Ahoy," a bikini barista stand in Anacortes. The owner of that stand, Meghan Calavan, now fears for her safety.

Kelly Calavan, Meghan's father, came out Friday morning to find his house egged and his car dented.

"Two of them hit the door, and just up above the window there they tried to hit her window," he said. "There's a boot print right here and they kicked in the door."

Inside the home, Meghan says it all started a few days before Christmas, when someone posted a nasty comment on the stand's Facebook page.

"She said very hurtful things. And I stuck up for myself in an immature manner, I know," said Meghan.

Meghan responded with a mean comment about the woman's weight, and an online, back and forth bullying war ensued.

On Thursday, KING 5 spoke to Jessika Cladek, who accused the barista stand owner of crossing a line when posted a comment telling Cladek to shoot herself.

"What if I was unstable and actually did kill myself? Would it not be ok?" asked Cladek.

Others are calling for a boycott of the business on Facebook, some even suggesting to put urine or gasoline in a super soaker and burn the coffee stand down.

"Scared," said Meghan. "And the girls are scared at my work."

"She lashes back big time," admitted Meghan's father. "She wants to hurt the person who hurt her feelings. She actually goes too far sometimes and I agree with that too."

Sedro Woolley police say the dent in the Calavans' car likely elevates this case to a felony investigation. They advise for everyone involved to stop and take a deep breath before someone gets hurt.

Meghan says she is sorry for her part and claims she's learned an important lesson.

"Keep my mouth shut," she said.

Both Anacortes and Sedro Woolley police departments say they have been taking calls a lot on this conflict.

Cladek is also asking all sides to stop the negative comments and actions.

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