Tessa Lerbekmo
Bullying Survivor
Female | Calgary, AB   Canada
Bullied for being hearing impared
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: LightYears
12/30/13 10:53 PM
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Tessa Lerbekmo who earned her degree in electronic publishing from Mount Royal University in 2011, has been creating her own magazines since her teen years.

By age 13, she was spending at least 20 hours a week cutting out models, shoes, dresses and makeup photos from Glamour magazine.

Holding up a thick handcrafted book, slightly smaller than a standard piece of paper, she says: "I used to cut out fashion headlines and write up all my own stories to go along with the pictures I chose. This is the first magazine I created as a teen."

For Lerbekmo, playing with publications has been a pertinent part of her life since she was a small child.

Twelve years later, Lerbekmo is the creator and artistic director of Fashionsign Magazine.

"The publication started in October 2010 as an online blog site about anything fashion-related. People who were reading and following my blog started wanting more," she says.

Tessa is totally deaf. She grew up all of her life being told she was a 'RETARD'. And because she can't hear, she has to mimic the idea of what words sound like; as a result she talks 'different' from the rest of us.

'Deaf Girl', 'Stupid', 'Idiot' were all words that Tessa had to become very familiar with while reading lips. And just because she wasn't able to 'hear' the words, didn't make them hurt any less. This girl is extremely strong and has never let her 'disability' stop her in gaining what she wants in life.


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