Amaranthia Gittens-Jones
Bullying Survivor
Female | Concord, NH   United States
Concord girl’s artwork combats bullying
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: TrueDream
12/30/13 12:37 PM
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Amaranthia Gittens-Jones of Concord, 14, will show 25-plus pieces of her artwork Jan. 4-31 at the NHTI campus library in Concord. The title of the exhibit is “AmaSepiaChan Artworks.” After being bullied in the public school system for many years, Gittens-Jones, with the help and support of her parents, created a project titled “Do You Know Who I Am?” which shares her story through her original art creations. The project then evolved into a moving art exhibit. Gittens-Jones told us more:

I was going through a lot of stress at school because of bullying, and my mom told me I could create a presentation of my artworks to combat bullying. I wanted to help other people who were getting bullied like me, and help them gain self-confidence. My goal with it was to have kids show who they truly are, and show others they aren’t just someone who should be pushed around. I would see kids at school get bullied everyday, and I just wanted to do something about it. Kids can create and share their own “Do Yo Know Who I Am?” projects in whatever areas they like. I chose art because it is what I like to do.

The project became an art exhibit because the original project I presented was based on my art. We met Janice Metzger at a Kimball Jenkins art show and she told us she wanted to create art shows for me at different libraries. My parents and I decided the show should be based on the project idea.

My iPad digital piece “Cockatoo” was in an auction to help Rachel Sweet, a student at Beaver Meadow in 2011. The auction was held at NHTI. My mom contacted them in the summer and mentioned my new show. They decided to put it up in January. Upcoming exhibits include Feb. 3-28 at Bagel Works on Main Street in Concord and March 1-29 at the Hooksett Public Library.

Don’t let people make up your story. Be proud of who you are, and don’t let others push you down. Do what you do best, and use that to gain confidence. Get help from people you trust, and find people who are your true friends.

My future plans are to learn Japanese calligraphy (I’m very influenced by Japanese culture), finish the comic books I’ve created, try to find other places to show my artwork, and to become a graphic artist. These are my main goals for the future.

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