Kelly Falardeau
Bullying Survivor
Female | Edmonton, AB   Canada
Bullied for her scars
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: TrueDream
12/30/13 12:16 PM
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When Kelly Falardeau was two years old she was on a farm playing with her cousins, when a ember from the fire pit caused her dress to ignite and engulf her in flames. 75% of her body suffered severe third degree burns and caused her to almost die as a result. After years of surgeries and therapy, Kelly was left with her physical scars. Throughout school and in the public she regularly was a victim...... of bullying. 'SCAR-FACED' was a frequent term she would hear, while she longed to be 'normal'.

Today Kelly embraces her scars and her story. She understands that they have played a fundamental role in her life and uses her positive knowledge while she does motivational speaking. Traveling all over the world to talk to woman's groups and burn victims, she inspires all she meets. She has also written a couple books on self esteem that have made the best seller list. She pushes the idea that No Risk means No Rewards. And last year she even made the Top 10 Most Influential Speakers of 2011 A list she shares with Oprah Winfrey, Max Simon, Joyce Meyer and Paula Fellingham. Despite a tragic near death situation at such a tender age, she continues to make others around her smile and embraces the very life she has.

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