Barbara Bang
Bullying Survivor
Female | Philippines   Philippines
Bullied for being big
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: StepUpNow
12/23/13 10:55 PM
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Just like any teenager who had weight issues and was bullied for being big, Barbara Bang had lived on the idea that slim was beautiful. She went on several diets and even fainted once because she had not eaten anything.

But now, Bang can stand tall, full-figured, and proud, as the Filipino-Norwegian was recently announced as the winner of the SM Ladies’ Fashion Plus Size Model Search.

“I have never been so proud to be a plus-size woman,” Bang said moments after the big announcement. “I have always loved my body as it is, I don’t want to be anybody else, and I am just so happy right now. Hooray for plus-size women!”

The 24-year old beauty, who was encouraged by a sales lady from SM Cebu to join, shared that winning this competition is a chance to show that shapely women can also make it. She revealed that comments such as ‘Oh you are beautiful but if you lose some weight you will be this and that’ are common. Hopefully, she can prove not lose the weight.

“I am happy that I accepted who I am, and not get depressed that she need, because I would rather eat correctly rather than starve myself because people would want to see me sexy,” Bang told selected members of the press.

This is not the first beauty contest that she has entered and won. Bang recalls joining a high school beauty competition wherein some of her peers doubted her, some even called her names, as she was the only ‘fat girl’ to join. Eventually the confident Bang emerged the winner, “I won because I was the only one who could answer the question; I told them big girls have brains too!”

“Don’t listen to the negative things that they say,” Bang added. “You can do whatever you want, but they can still say negative things. So don’t please them, please yourself.”

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Posted By: roTTen06 | 12/24/13 1:56 PM
After being bullied for your looks getting paid for modeling has got to feel really good
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