Concerned Citizen
Someone Being Bullied
Male | Crystal Springs, MS   United States
Workplace bullying
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: ConcernedcitizenUser Verified
12/23/13 9:54 AM
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I have witnessed first hand about workplace bullying, from co-workers to I myself being victimized under the hostile treatment of my elementary school principal. I have been ridicule by principal and other co-workers for my work performance and have been often setup for failure due to inhumane treatment. I have seen other teachers get pulled under the harsh treatment of bullying due to not fitting in or not being apart of a clique. I have had teachers turn against me due to my being the target. Every time it seems that I get close to a co-worker they work twice as hard in making sure I have no outlet to experience my deepest woes. Even when doing the right thing goes punished, all because of the viewing me as an outcast. I am not the only one who is suffering there are other cries for help within that school, under that harsh leadership. Unfair treatment are often times the case, when the one being targeted gets a step ahead the principal and other co-worker find ways to bring them down. They will use any type of measures to see to that from using students to parents to co-workers to lead teacher. If there are any one who can help --I am reaching out.

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Posted By: roTTen06 | 12/24/13 1:45 PM
Have you tried to transfer to a different school?
Posted By: WooChild | 1/13/14 11:44 AM
wow teachers should be the last people bullying people that is outrageous
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