Katya Zharkova
Bullying Survivor
Female | Russia   Russia
Kids called her a train
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: NStock
12/20/13 1:57 AM
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Katya Zharkova is an international, traditional, and social media sensation thanks to her editorial, shot by photographer Victoria Janashvili, that Katya Zharkova conceptualized and as was seen in PLUS Model Magazine January 2011 issue entitled, "Plus Size Bodies, What's Wrong with Them Anyway?".Most recently Zharkova was selected as one of Plus Model Magazine's Women of the Year for 2013.Russia's top model, and an international plus-size model based in the United States. She has modeled for labels such as Forever 21, Silver Jeans and plus-size specialists Fashion To Figure.Also a television and film actress, television producer, and now the face of Friday TV in Russia with two shows in production; one a show for Russian bachelors searching for the perfect bride (shot in Miami production October 2013).

I was teased at school; they used to call me a train and I never understood that. Can I be that huge?
We worry about the way we look because we are trying to find love. We want to be liked. Unfortunately, the reflection in the mirror won’t help you find happiness. If you have a strong personality, and if you can laugh and enjoy yourself, people will accept you the way you are. Also, you might think that skinny and beautiful women are happy, that’s not always true. I know so many examples that contradict that. I know so many beautiful Russian celebrities who are miserable in their life! When I ask my husband how he fell in love with me, being so big and not perfect, he doesn’t even understand what I’m talking about. I’m the most perfect person in the whole world for him and the only thing that he remembers when he first met me was my laugh. I truly love to smile. So my advice is the more you laugh the better.

My dream from my childhood finally came true, and I see all the boys from school grow up. I see what kind of girls they like now and they realize I’m not fat at all anymore. I would love to have known that in school. Though, I did believe that being slightly bigger than others would help me in life.


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Posted By: roTTen06 | 12/24/13 2:07 PM
Russians are so beautiful and if shes a train then I would love to be the conductor
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