Julie Henderson
Bullying Survivor
Female | London, England   United Kingdom
Picked on as a young kid
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Effort
12/16/13 2:02 AM
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Julie Henderson is signed with Wilhelmina NY and Model Management UK in London as a plus size model. She has worked with many top name companies such as L’Oreal, La Redoute Paris, Target, H&M, Avenue, Evans UK, and Macy’s. There is much more to her then just a beautiful face, she is very intelligent and prides her self in her athleticism. She has earned a degree in Marketing and been a basketball star at Notre Dame. Growing up being beautiful was not something that even crossed Henderson’s mind because as a basketball player you were more likely to get hurt on the court. She always took care of her body but unlike many girls her age, her goal was not to be thin, it was to be big and strong so she could push people around on the court. She strives to change the views people have about beautiful women not being intelligent. Her upbringing taught her that the more you have going on inside, the more your outside will reflect that.

I was picked on as a young kid as well. The one thing that saved me was basketball. It helped shape me in a million different ways. My weight was actually useful. Skinny girls were rarely good and they were so easy to push around on the court. My weight made me a good ball player. I started to see the purpose of why I was given such big thighs, hips, and butt -- to box-out, of course! Also, when you have a team of 12 girls behind you, people tend to stay away from you. Something about winning, losing, sweating and sacrificing as a group forms this incredible bond, and it gave me a family all the way from middle school to college. I encourage kids to become part of a team in some shape or form, whether it is the chess team, the soccer team or the debate team.

Her advice for women who are struggling with self-esteem, confidence, and body image issues is to not stress them! She advises women to first find a spiritual path such as yoga practice, church, temple, meditation, or Abraham-Hicks. Her spiritual connection has helped her to get to know herself on a deeper level. Being connected spiritually has helped her gain self-confidence.


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