Sarah Clerkson
Someone Being Bullied
Female | Durham, England   United Kingdom
Teenage Girl Kills Herself After Being Bullied Over Her Beauty
Bullying Type: Emotional
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12/13/13 11:18 AM
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Sarah Clerkson, 14, allegedly committed suicide at a house party in the U.K. after she was being targeted by bullies who were “jealous” of her, local media reported.

The Daily Mail reported that Clerkson died via hanging and was found at a home in Spennymoor, County Durham, on Saturday. She was taken to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead.

According to a Facebook page set up for her, one wrote: “Its such a shame r.i.p. young lady. hope the bullies get what they deserve. nothing but scum of the earth.”

On her Facebook page, she posted a day before the house party that she was “Fuming honest to god might just end it there and then!” reported The Daily Mirror.

The Mail and Mirror both reported that she had been subjected to bullying.

Her grandfather, David, told the publication: “She was emotionally disturbed but we thought she had turned a corner, we thought things were starting to change for her.”

“The last month or two she’s been with her new foster parents, everything had been positive,” he said. “However, to begin with there’d been a problem with her introduction into a new school. She was bullied for about a week.”

The party host, John Moore, said they were worried for her after midnight after she went to bed early because she was sick. They knocked on the door, which was locked, and got worried so they kicked down the door.

“I began to give CPR under instruction over the phone from the ambulance service,” he told the Metro.

A Durham Police spokesperson said it is believed there was no suspicious circumstances surrounding her death, reported ITV News.

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