Lauren Luke
Bullying Survivor
Female | Newcastle Upon Tyne, England   United Kingdom
Fell prey to bullies
Bullying Type: Emotional
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12/02/13 11:53 PM
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Lauren Luke is the self-taught make-up artist known as Panacea81 online. She creates makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel, Panacea81, which has over 111 million views and over 538,000 subscribers

My family weren't rich; in fact we were quite poor and I remember most things were a struggle growing up. I never really had the best toys or clothes that were in fashion; there simply wasn't enough money to go around. These things aren't necessary growing up and to be honest you don't notice them missing until you are older. Despite not having a lot I was quite happy during my younger years at junior school.

My senior school years were quite a different experience however. My lack of trendy clothes and apparent lack of confidence were easy to spot and it wasn't long before I fell prey to the bullies who were all too keen to point out the things I didn't have. Once this kind of routine starts it's quite hard to escape and so started my five-year hell at senior school.

I wont recount every instance of bullying even though most is still clear in my mind and the effects can be everlasting. Bullies have a knack for exposing every weakness and it is all too easy to become far too self-aware and forget to be yourself in order to just fit in. I felt very lonely and very scared during those years.

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Name: Lauren Luke
Age: 40
Country: United Kingdom
Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne, England
Gender: Female
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