Seymour Students
Bullying Survivor
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Students take a stand against bullying
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
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11/29/13 12:47 AM
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Just about everyone has witnessed one form of bullying or another. Elementary students in the Seymour Community School District are taking a stand against bullying with the help of some high school students.

The student leadership class at Seymour high school plans and practices one lesson each month and teaches that lesson to all the third and fourth graders in the district.

“Sometimes the problems are just a little bit too big for you to handle and then it's okay if you go to your teacher and ask for help,” Haley’s a senior at Seymour, helping to teach the students of Black Creek Elementary about anti-bullying techniques.

Sydney Bannich is part of a fourth grade class learning how to not be a bystander, but rather help other students out.

The group teaching the lessons is known as S.T.A.N. or Students Taking Action Now
“Our main goal is... to try to get as few bullies as we can,” explains Haley.

Group by group the Seymour student leadership class bestows lessons upon the eager 3rd and 4th graders. This day's lesson was all about being an “upstander.”

"We kind of made up the word and it's someone who doesn't just stand by and let something happen. They take advantage of the situation they're in and stick up for classmates or older kids even."

Haley and her peers decided to take action and stop bullying at a young age so students like Sydney wouldn't have to go through what her older sister did. “Her friends have been mean to her and I'm scared because there could be a bully out there and it could bully us, but i know to stand up for other people,” says Sydney.

So one by one 4th graders at Black Creek made a pledge to be an upstander. High school adviser Staci Sievert says the classes goal is to empower our youth and improve their own school environment by recognizing bullying and stopping it before it happens.

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