Callum Knell
Bullying Survivor
Male | Maidstone, England   United Kingdom
Claims He Was 'Bullied' By Housemate Dexter Koh
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: TideTurners
11/25/13 1:26 AM
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Big Brother contestant Callum Knell will undoubtedly feel relieved to be out of the house, after claiming in a post-show interview that he was bullied by fellow housemate Dexter Koh.

Callum was evicted on and wasted no time in slamming Dexter, who he insists gave him "snide looks", leaving him feeling "belittled and judged."

However, the children's football coach controversially maintains that he was victimised to ensure that Dexter could gain air time, with his ultimate goal being to win the show.

"I know bully is a strong word but I felt belittled and judged," Callum confessed to the Daily Star Sunday. "Dexter had an assumption and tone that was condescending about me as a person and the different backgrounds we had… He kept making snide remarks and giving me snide looks, trying to get under my skin."

The 28-year-old then insisted: "He made me feel a bit less about myself. I lost my confidence and felt like I was backed into a corner.”

Tension mounted between the pair when they were pitted against each other during a boxing-ring themed task. Recalling the aggressive incident, Callum admitted: "It wasn’t pre-planned. I had to be reminded what I’d said, I forgot where I was. What started as a speech about him being a bit manipulative turned into me telling him he made me feel small and that he’d belittled me. I felt like I had to defend myself."

Callum then mused that Dexter hasn't let his true colours show yet because he's continuously playing out a well-structured game plan.

"I didn't want to feel like I was part of The Dexter Show. I wouldn't be a pawn in his game. Dexter did certain things to aggravate me which I didn't like. I don't like some of the situations he caused to get airtime."

"And he enjoyed it, I'm sure", he added.

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