Charlotte Salt
Bullying Survivor
Female | Stafford, England   United Kingdom
Got picked on at school
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: 4GROWTH
11/20/13 11:36 PM
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Charlotte Salt is a typical English Rose, young and beautiful, but she has done what a lot or older actresses have failed to do. She has managed to conquer America and gain popularity both sides of the Atlantic and she is still only 28-years-old.

She knew what she wanted from an early age, attending a drama club at her local theatre-in-the round, the Victoria Theatre, once or twice a week after school.

It was through this drama club she got her first break at the age of 13-years-old. A TV crew came to the North of England to find a young cast for a television series "A Land of Plenty" The director Hettie Macdonald auditioned the drama group for improvisation skills rather than text, due to the ages of the potential cast.

With her pencil-slim figure, long hair and enviable English rose complexion, you can see why Charlotte is a casting director's dream, but she hasn't always looked this way. "I had a really bad phase," she reveals. "A few years ago, I was podgy, wore a brace and had terrible acne.

"It was a depressing time. I went to an all-girls school where you got picked on if you were a little bit different. They took the mickey out of me because I was spotty and didn't have a boyfriend. It really knocked my confidence."

So Charlotte decided to do something about it. "I started going to the gym and the weight came off quickly. I got braces, and my mum Sharon, who'd also suffered from acne, took me to the doctor where I was prescribed drugs, which I'm still taking.!%3b+Hard+to+believe%2c+but+Born...-a0100693893

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Name: Charlotte Salt
Age: 37
Country: United Kingdom
Location: Stafford, England
Gender: Female
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