Sydney Pierce
Bullying Survivor
Female | Sulphur Creek, Tasmania   Australia
Sydney Pierce takes a stand against bullying
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: Crusade
11/19/13 1:22 AM
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One local girl has made it her mission to end the cycle of bullying. Sixteen year-old Sydney Pierce says that she is ready to make a stand for those who are quietly suffering.

"I hope to save someone's life," said Sydney Pierce, who admitted that she had suicidal thoughts after being victimized herself. "I finally got to to my senses and thought, 'why kill myself over these girls'."

Sydney, a sophomore, said the problems began on the first day of school. Among the worst of what she faced daily was the constant threats of physical violence toward her.

"I think it was a jealousy issue, at least that is what everyone was saying around school," said Sydney about being bullied.

Things with one particular student escalated into a incident on school grounds in early October. Sydney states that she was taken by surprise and beaten up in the bathroom. The incident was recorded by another student, who sent the video out. Sydney and her grandmother, Marcia Dwire, firmly believe that not only was the fight planned out but so was its recording.

"I knew she was trying to do it. I let my guard down," said Sydney, who also stated that the girl had threatened her friends and family as well.

The situation afterwards was no better.

"The two [school] days after the fight were bad. I still got threatened," said Sydney.

Angry with what was happening to her granddaughter, Dwire wrote a letter to a handful of local and state officials.

"I wrote a letter saying that my granddaughter was being bullied. She just wants an education. I can't afford private school or she would be there," said Dwire.

She also sent a letter to the local Fox station, who picked up Sydney's story. They featured her in their Profiles in Courage series. Her story was the last in the series. After the story aired, Sydney's Facebook page Sydney's Soldiers Staying Strong received a multitude of positive comments.

"[The girls who bullied me] didn't really want to be in school, but I wanted to be there," said Sydney.

With her family's support, Sydney decided to raise her voice against bullying and bring encouragement to those who were suffering. To that end, Sydney and her supporters will be holding an awareness rally on Monday, Nov. 18, 6:30 p.m., at Hixson-Sulphur Memorial Funeral Home, 2051 E. Napoleon St. in Sulphur. The event will feature a variety of speakers. Sydney, of course, will share her story.

Anyone going through their own battles with bullying or who knows of someone who is doing so is invited to come to the event.

"We are trying hard to stay positive," said Jody Barrilleaux, Sydney's cousin, "The rally is all about uplifting and preserving. And, of course, it is also about love."

"We don't want to bash anyone," said Dwire about the rally, "We just want it to stop."Looking beyond the rally, Sydney hopes to continue speaking out against bullying.

"I didn't start the drama, but I am finishing it," she said.

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