Stephanie Thompson
Bullying Survivor
Female | Chester, England   United Kingdom
Bullied called anorexic
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Purified
11/17/13 11:45 PM
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Stephanie Thompson, 21, from Saltney, Flintshire, was cruelly taunted for years and was called 'anorexic' due to her naturally super-slim frame.

But she's now been signed up with Liverpool agency Impact Models and also Models Manchester.

The beauty is also representing Chester in the Miss British Isles beauty pageant in Liverpool next March.

'It has been a huge turnaround for me since I left school. I've grown up so much and have used the experiences I have had to shape me for the better,' said Stephanie.

'My school years were really hard. I had no friends who I could turn to and confide in. It got to the point where I just didn't want to be there. I just felt totally isolated and would just shut myself off from the rest of the world.

Stephanie would get called all sorts of hurtful names at her school, St David's High School in Saltney.

'They used to call me things like anorexic and make fun of the way I looked all the time. It hurt me so much and made every day unbearable.

'I was a tall and lanky child while girls were maturing. I was a slow developer. And being the shy girl didn't help either, so they targeted me really and it began from there.

'I eat healthy food and keep fit - just because I have a petite frame doesn't mean I'm anorexic.'

'Most students look back fondly on their school years but that isn't the case for me. My school work suffered because I would stay at home to avoid any confrontation with the bullies. They just thought it was a big joke. I even asked to move schools because it got so bad but I don't think that anyone really understood exactly what I was going through.

'It was tough and I would cry my heart out when I got home because all the nasty, spiteful comments cut me so deeply.

'Even when high school had finished, I was still affected by what had happened because I had to drop out of college because a lot of the girls who had bullied me were also there and it was just like a continuation of school.'

Stephanie decided to pursue her career in modelling after her late grandmother Glenys gave her the confidence to turn her dreams into a reality.

'My nan passed away recently and she always believed in me and wanted me to pursue my dreams of being a model.

She knew how much it meant to me,' said Stephanie.

'My confidence has increased immeasurably since my school days, which were the worst of my life. I want to make a success of myself as a model, not just for me, but to show young girls out there who are suffering at the hands of bullies that they don't shape who you are and that you can be whatever it is you want to be.

'Being slim is just the way I am, and I'm comfortable with that now. I embrace the way I look, as should other girls.

'I also want to reach out to other girls that might be going through the same as I did they should know that they can do whatever they want it be whatever they want because they beautiful and they are special in their own way.

'The experiences I had when I was in school have made me a stronger character and I have come out the other side. I'm entirely comfortable with who I am and where I want to be. It feels good to have got my life back.'

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