Aolani Beardon
Someone Being Bullied
Female | Roopville, GA   United States
8-year-old Carroll County girl bullied over weave
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: GroundBreaker
11/14/13 11:02 PM
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A Carroll County family is talking about what they call a case of bullying that targeted their 8-year-old and may have left her permanently scarred.

It had always been Aolani's dream to have long, flowing hair, but being biracial, her hair was naturally curly. So, her dream came true when her mother and grandmother allowed her to have a weave sown into her hair. But Aolani's grandmother says the dream became a nightmare when she went to school that Monday.

Doris Beardon told FOX 5 that the kids accused her of wearing a wig and started to try to pull it from her head. She says the kids didn't understand that it wasn't a wig, but a weave sewn in with a special thread to her scalp.

According to Aolani and her family, even after reporting the initial incident to school officials, kids continued to tease and pull at her weave for a week. They say that resulted in a hug scar on her scalp that may be permanent.

One of the two students involved was punished with a one-day in-school suspension. Aolani was eventually moved to a different class, but since the family has told their story in the news media and on Facebook, they say the community hasn't been very supportive.

They say they are speaking out because they don't want it to happen to another child.

Calls to the school regarding the incident were not returned.

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