Rezzi B
Bullying Survivor
Male | Ontario, CA   United States
Young Canadian rapper opens up about bullying exclusively!
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Twitter @TheRealRezzi

Posted By: RezziB
11/11/13 8:20 PM
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I'm from the west part of my city. Growing up there I was pretty much the most defenceless and harmless kid you would know. I didn't have any early childhood friends because I didn't fit in any sort of group like everyone else did. I felt like sometimes I roamed around like a disease. I would be avoided and ridiculed for no reason, and if there was reasons, they were ones I didn't understand. I grew custom to it after a few years of not understanding. That's where My problem started, I became a victim to many things. segregation, violence, and depression. I was one to be by myself, no groups of friends, nothing. I would occasionally fight back to the abuse, but I would only get bruises in return. I didn't have no one to talk to, basically I was on my own. I specifically remember one day I got into a fight wither another kid in elementary school, he was probably a year older then I was. Him specifically was the cause of a good portion of the occurring events. I got into a fist fight him, not thinking it through I almost convinced myself I would change something by doing that. Not too long after that I found myself on the floor, with that same kid stepping on my stomach. I coughed out blood the day after. I felt like there was no hope for me. I was consumed with the idea that everyone around me, boy and girl, was completely and utterly disgusted with my existence. I counted day by day, year after year for the the clock to sound on dismissal. It dawned on my one day though. The bigger problem we have is not being bullied by other people, but by society. I'm sure the bullies have reasons why they are so violent to people. It''s an image of being tougher or the concept of strength and power is what leads them to do what they do. If you are reading this and their in someone out there dealing the harm you don't deserve to you. Just know that brain will always defeat braun, and that karma will hit you the hardest in life. Taking those two in consideration is enough to throw anyone to the side and find better alternatives. Bullying and hate are characteristics that are short lived. and will fade if you ignore them long enough. I guess this is more of a letter to you then anything else. But a story is the past. If you focus well enough, you should think about the better moments for the future

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Name: Rezzi B
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