Alamela Rowan
Bullying Survivor
Female | Byron Bay, New South Wales   Australia
Bullied on TV show
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Critical
11/11/13 1:21 AM
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I was born November 5th, 1990 in Melbourne, and have been modelling internationally since 2008. I was homeschooled by my father for eight years in Byron Bay, New South Wales, and have been an avid traveller since childhood. The poverty and homelessness of the countries I visited made a strong impression when I was young. Seeing people, animals and habitats in need motivates me to do all I can to make the world a better place. Through my travels around the world I worked with animals, including endangered Orangutans in Indonesia, donkeys in Egypt, and rescuing street animals wherever I can. My love of animals also caused me to become vegetarian, as I told Australian Teens Against Animal Cruelty (ATAAC) in an interview “It made no sense to eat the same animals I was saving.” I am still a vegetarian and actively promoting the protection of animals and their habitats at every opportunity.

I was introduced to the world as a contestant on season 4 of 'Australia's Next Top Model'. During the program I endured the taunts of the self proclaimed ‘bitchketeers’, a group of girls in the model house set on tormenting me with pranks and insults. Footage of the bullying swept across the media, and the scandal brought much media attention to me and my family. The girls were reprimanded for their behaviour, and shortly later I was eliminated from the show, partially to my relief. I commented to the press that I enjoyed the experience of being on the show enormously, and that “it was disappointing to be eliminated, but at the same time, I was so glad to get away from all the house dramas. It was bittersweet.” Since leaving 'Australia's Next Top Model', I received overwhelming support from the media, viewers, fans and judges on the show, including the editor of Vogue Australia Kirstie Clements, who received an enormous quantity of public feedback regarding the bullying that took place during the competition. I have since sought to use this experience to help others and have been involved in a variety of anti bullying initiatives.

Immediately after completing high school, I continued my modelling dream. I began my journey by flying to Korea for my first contract a week after graduation. I continued to work throughout Asia over coming years, while also working as a writer for various media, and studying a degree by distance education through Open University. During this time I was contracted to model in Singapore, Taiwan, and the Philippines. I have recently returned to Queensland to complete a duel degree in Law and Environmental Science.

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