Nastasia Yante
Bullying Survivor
Female | Houston, TX   United States
Nastasia Yante 3rd grader being bullied
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: Anyrelationoutlaw
11/08/13 12:32 PM
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Nastasia is a 9yr old who has been bullied the whole school year round she has been physically mentally and emotionally abused I suffered through the whole bullying ordeal simply because she has developed an attitude that is very hard to bare with at times I am her mother and she speaks of nonsense such as hateful things and wanting to hurt herself like she wish she was dead and not her father she tries to jump out of the vehicle when she gets angry with me so therefore I have to put it on child lock and when I am not watching she takes it off its crazy but I pray to God to help me with this now I am worried because on several occasions she says she hears voices and I am worried what should I do help me I really need you alls opinion.

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Posted By: JesseH | 11/12/13 12:21 AM
So sorry you are dealing with this but happy you have reached out. Did she ever have a chance to speak to a counselor after her father died? Sometimes when children experience death and loss at a young age they don't understand why it happened to them and begin to act out. You never wish this on a child and when it happens at this young of an age getting support from her peers is almost non existent. Most likely she has all these feelings about the loss of her father that she cannot make sense of and she really needs some help. Sometimes being a loving mother is not enough because her pain she feels from her loss shakes her sense of self and will not listen to familiar faces. I think giving her another outlet to express her feelings would really be helpful. I really hope for the best for you and your daughter God Bless
Posted By: Anyrelationoutlaw | 11/12/13 12:11 PM urce=web&cd=1&cad=rja&ved=0CC8QuAIwAA&url=http%3A% ader-says-shes-bullied-over-medical-disorder--1868 89962.html&ei=DYuCUv-uFI2A2QWL2oDIBA&usg=AFQjCNFbT 1bcG2uFHUVh9m6SJuzBPH_FVQ&sig2=_FH8y3IREH-kvTPnqOp -Kw&bvm=bv.56146854,d.b2I
Posted By: MissVenus | 11/25/13 10:44 AM
Sometimes if you cannot communicate with your child you can enroll them in the big brother big sister program and a lot of times a mentor can be easier to talk to and they can fill you in.
Posted By: Anyrelationoutlaw | 11/26/13 9:01 AM
yes mam do u have dat information bcuz she truly needs counseling badly
Posted By: BigHornsTX | 11/26/13 10:29 AM
I read your story and would like to give you some information that you are searching for, .6426577/k.7262/Big_Brothers_Big_Sisters.htm http ://
Posted By: Anyrelationoutlaw | 11/26/13 11:00 AM
thank u
Posted By: Anyrelationoutlaw | 4/24/14 10:49 AM
Hi dis s Nastasia mom just wanted to let u all know dat she s seeing a psychiatrist once a week she has been diagnosed with 3things bullying depression nd grieving she has grown so much nd has gone through so much she 10 yrs old now your prayers r truly needed nd appreciated thank u
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