Alex Zane
Bullying Survivor
Male | Leeds, England   United Kingdom
Kids threw rocks at him
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: PointedNorth
11/07/13 10:52 PM
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Alex Zane is an English television presenter and DJ.

Alex has revealed he was picked on in his youth for carrying a briefcase.

But the presenter was able to use it to deflect stones that were pelted at him at school.

‘I embrace the fact I was a geek,’ he tells a teen mag. ‘I was called Briefy Boy for five years, or “the briefcase kid”, “You’ve got a briefcase, we’re going to kick your head in”.

‘But that’s actually where the briefcase came into its own because, when rocks are thrown, you can use it as a shield.’

Alex, 34, says it had an influence on his relationships.

‘It did define who my friends were because the cool football jocks aren’t going to go, “Hey, we’re looking for someone with a briefcase to join our cool gang that girls fancy,"’ he adds.


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