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"Dear Bully" letter
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A Bully
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
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10/28/13 1:43 PM
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Written By A Friend...

I could care less if you live in the mighty swamps, bayous, and city, country, in the moon or the bottom of the sea or for that case Mars

Bullying isn’t for me or should it be for you
I don’t care if you young or old, Bulling is just plan wrong, nothing comes out good when bulled
Here is how the story goes you see
Bullying hurts, don't you see?
You are nothing, but a big bully
Bully come in all sharp and sizes, from a boy, a girl, man or women
But no matter how they come it all wrong and you do not have that right
Don't you think of what could have been?
We will never know and it’s because of you
You don’t have that right

What if they put a razor to their skin?
Writs slit, blood flowing, with no help in sight, what give you the right to cause this?
Pills in the body,
Gun to the head

What if they wrote a note to say goodbye?
And their family and friends were left wondering. Why?
What did I miss!
It would be your fault and if you had a heart, that should bother you badly
what if at night, they cry themselves to sleep?
Because of you, what gives you the right to cause this fright?
By morning, it's too hard to get up on their feet,
It all because of you…………what gives you the right to do you do that?

They are afraid to come to school or go to work because of bullies like you
You do not have that right
When they try to tell an adult, or their spouse or mom or dad or teachers or boss’s their plead is overruled, this should not be
What gives you the right?

Soon they can't take it anymore, they feel like they have no place to turn and it’s all because of you
What gives you that right?
They think, "What do I have to live for?"
That is just not right and it’s all because of you!

Finally all of their secrets start to spill and the ones pick up the mess get very ill and it’s all because of you!
They grab the bottle and overdose on pills
All they ever wanted was a friend, one friend that all.
But now they have none and it’s all because of you!
And to hear the words, "I'm sorry, I won't do it again"

You did it all for the fun, you say
It made you feel ten feet tall
But look what you have done
You no not have that right
you say you didn't know what could've been done
It was nothing but a joke, a game to you
You do not have that right!
What if you pushed them a bit to far?
All your actions have caused one big scar
They are not here but yet you are.
You do not have that right now or ever!

Haven't you seen what you put them through?
You think they're weak, but they're stronger than you
All they want to do is forget, is you
they think, "how much worse can it get?"

Don't you know, you're their biggest fear?
They scream so loud, but no one can hear
What if it was you who got hurt everyday?
Tell me how many words you would have left to say
I have to tell you Bully you do not have that right

In the end you have cause so much pain and suffering
What gave you that right?
It should be you taking their place and then the world will be a better place

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