Sandra Sully
Bullying Survivor
Female | Brisbane, Queensland   Australia
Bullied at work
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: FrontSide
10/23/13 9:39 PM
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One of Australia’s much loved TV newsreaders is being commended for speaking out about being bullied in the workplace.

In an interview with CLEO magazine, Sandra Sully revealed she was “tormented” for almost 10 years by a female colleague “desperate to sabotage her career.”

“Her behaviour was underhanded and deceitful,” the 48 year old claims.

“She used those old tricks of flirting with bosses and using her feminine wiles to present me as demanding 'talent' to her superiors and they all fell for it. She was a toxic person. It was about control."

Rami Mandow from Community Brave welcomed the decision for the veteran anchor to speak out, saying “bullies of the past and present should be on notice”.

“I think when you have a high profile person come out, it actually does lead the way when it comes to speaking out and not living in fear,” said Mr Mandow.

“It’s never too late [to take action], the sooner the better … you have to come out and help other people in the process as well.”

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