Kinki Ryusaki
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Female | Malaysia   Malaysia
Cyber bullied
Bullying Type: Emotional
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10/17/13 10:22 PM
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Kinki Ryusaki of Bloody Ink Tattoo Studios is the latest victim of cyber-bullying in Malaysia. The pint-sized tattoo artist has been subject to cyber-bullying in the comment section of her personal Facebook page as a result of a photo she uploaded of herself with the caption “The Star newspaper interview”.

There were even calls to boycott Kinki and the tattoo studio she works at, as the commenters on Kinki’s photo (most probably DAP’s cyber-troopers?) have jumped into conclusions and linked Kinki to being a Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) supporter just because of the very fact that she was interviewed by The Star.

If that was the case and going by the logic of those commenters (mainly Pakatan Rakyat supporters?), almost everybody, including their very own Pakatan Rakyat leaders should then be boycotted by Pakatan Rakyat supporters as The Star has interviewed many Pakatan Rakyat leaders before.

The point here is this, The Star was just doing its job, interviewing a well-known celebrity in the local tattoo industry and even Kinki got threats of being boycotted for accepting an interview with The Star. Regardless of the fact whether MCA owns The Star or not, a non-political feature article should not be politicized by anybody (Pakatan Rakyat supporter and DAP’s Red Bean army alike).

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