Felicia Punzo
Bullying Survivor
Female | Philadelphia, PA   United States
Bullied for singing
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: TruthMatters
10/14/13 2:22 AM
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Becoming a superstar sensation has always been in the eyes of 18 year old recording artist, Felicia Punzo. She was born on June 16,1993 and raised in the city of South Philadelphia. Felicia has been acting in numerous of musicals, singing and performing for people since the age of 4. At the age of 11, Felicia sang the National Anthem at the Philadelphia Kixx game. She has performed in 13 musicals including leading roles in “Annie”,”The Wizard Of Oz”, “Bye Bye Birdie” and “The Music Man”. She was also involved in 3 TV commercials for Kia and an extra in 2009 Motion picture “Standing Ovation”. Her journey began on August 7,2007 when Felicia first stepped in the recording studio for the first time to record a cover song “The Greatest Love Of All” at Fifth Stone Studios. That same year in December “Angel” which was Felicia’s first original song that she had written for a close friend who passed at a young age was released. In 2008 “Felicia” dance EP was recorded and released with Mr. Mike Forte (writer of Vanessa Williams ,”Dreaming”) and it won a Grindie Award for Best Dance In-depended CD in 2008 on Radioindy.com.

“As I was younger, I started doing things musically and people didn’t like it that much. They were bullying me for that. Not bullying me for personal reasons more or less, [but] because I was doing something I loved. And that’s what I promote. I make sure that kids feel comfortable doing something that they love. Don’t listen to people,”


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Name: Felicia Punzo
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Country: United States
Location: Philadelphia, PA
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