Maria Fulgieri
Someone Being Bullied
Female | Rome, NY   United States
Rome teacher says she was bullied by a student
Bullying Type: Emotional
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10/02/13 11:57 PM
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Maria Fulgieri says she was bullied in the Rome school district.

But the 46-year-old isn’t a student — she’s an English teacher at Rome Free Academy.

“A student hasn’t treated me the way this student did,” Fulgieri said. “Truthfully, this was very simple. I sent him out. I wrote him up. He should have been disciplined, end of story.”

Fulgieri filed a notice of claim last month against the Rome City School District alleging that the district didn’t discipline the student, but instead took disciplinary action against Fulgieri, a tenured teacher who has worked in the district more than 25 years, and wrote her up several times.

District Superintendent Jeffrey Simons said the district is aware of the notice and has referred it to its attorney.

“We typically don’t comment on these matters particularly as they could lead to potential litigation, as well as this particular issue pertains particular information regarding students that is protected,’ Simons said. “We know that there are some inaccuracies in the claim.”

Fulgieri is seeking compensation for her “loss of professional standing, emotional distress, financial injury, the effective taking of her teaching career and suppression of protected activity variously exercised.”

Since last year, the district has taken actions to reduce bullying, including implementing an online form where incidents can be submitted directly to the superintendent.

The district takes bullying and harassment seriously, Simons said. “The district has taken several steps to address bullying behaviors, including student-to-student bullying, student-to-staff bullying, as well as staff-to-staff matters that may arise.”

According to the notice of claim, which must be filed before a lawsuit, Fulgieri was threatened by the student on a number of occasions while teaching 10th-grade English.

In one incident, the student was disrupting the class and was told to report to the principal’s office, Fulgieri said.

“That’s the day he told me — they know that I’m a recent cancer survivor — he told me, ‘I hope you’re sick again and I hope you die,’” she said.

In other incidents, the student allegedly told her “he wished that (she) was dead and that he could arrange for that to occur,” and “You should get run over by a car and I may be the one to do it,” according to the notice.

Fulgieri had the student removed from her class, but he continued to come back, she said. Fulgieri sought remedial action from the district and even spoke out at school board meetings, however, the student never was disciplined for the incidents, she said.

The district then filed a number of disciplinary actions against Fulgieri.

“They told me I was targeting him,” she said. “They wrote me up for being a bully.”

The claim also states that Fulgieri’s health has since deteriorated severely since the incidents occurred.

“I want those removed,” she said of the write-ups. “I just hope in the end, it’s the kids that win. The kids deserve correct treatment and don’t deserve to sit in rooms with that kind of disturbance.”

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