Georgina McConnell
Bullying Survivor
Female | London, England   United Kingdom
Bullied for her appearance
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: BottledUp
10/01/13 12:57 PM
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With her bulging muscles and intense fitness regime, Georgina McConnell isn't your average teenager.

The 19-year-old is a bodybuilder and has swapped mooning over One Direction for six meals a day, five workouts a week and an impressive 10st 3lb physique.

And it would appear that the teenager's dedication has paid off, after she took home a gold medal in the UKBFF [UK Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation] North East Championships this summer.

Mcconnell is being bullied for being a “freak.”, but she is answering the bullying only with self-confidence.
Her recent Facebook post proclaims, "I’m happy with who I am, I know what I’m doing and I’m doing it for me.",169058.0.html

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Posted By: MyEyesPurplehaze | 10/01/13 1:54 PM
Wow ... she is ripped. I think she has a good chance at winning some competitions soon.
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Name: Georgina McConnell
Age: 28
Country: United Kingdom
Location: London, England
Gender: Female
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